Stage Credit Card

One crazy thing about researching the Stage Credit Card is that you can find some complaints about the card but then the same people can mention that the makers of the Stage Credit Card are actually making changes to try to meet the people where they are with their product. The biggest problem we have had of all of the research is just trying to find the store website where you actually can inquire of the card. We have the information for you here though now regarding the links to apply and to login to your Stage Credit Card account if you'd like. Those links are located on the top right of this page in the form of apply and login buttons. We want to just kind of give something of a recap of the Stage Credit Card and the changes that have happened for the card so that you can see and decide on it for yourself.

In the earlier days of the Stage Credit Card, you have always been able to get points for things when using your Stage Credit Card. The problem was that you just couldn't actually do anything except collect them. They didn't really have a way for them to be used for anything. Sounds like to us there was likely just a glitch in the system that could be easily corrected. You used to get one dollar for each point. The only ones who were able to redeem points were those who had VIP status for some reason. Now, they are giving $10 rewards for every time that you have spent $250 using your Stage Credit Card.


There is now also 4% cash return on your Stage stores which are: Bealls, Goody’s, Palais Royal, Peebles and Stage. Visiting any of these store sites will be the way you find the merchandise you will use your card when purchasing with. On the second tier of the Stage Credit Card which is the Platinum level, you get a whole lot of other benefits maximized from the original level. The benefits you get include the following:  $20 in the form of coupon for your birthday, free gift wrapping as well as shipping. You will also receive special coupons every month instead of just every other month like the regular Stage Credit Card members.

Most other department store cards are only returning 3% on all purchases while the Stage Credit Card is returning 4%. It just seems to us that while this card may still not be the greatest thing, it doesn’t warrant the amount of hate it has been receiving as of late. After all, how many store cards out here are actually trying to listen to the voice of the people and make changes to accommodate them? Not a whole lot of them are doing that when it comes to department stores at least. In fact, most department stores even have a much higher APR for their cards as well which isn't a great thing at all. One of the biggest draws for this card is to be able to reach the Platinum status and receive all of the exclusive coupon benefits that come along with that. If you aren't a fan of any of the Stage stores, you will not likely understand how great the offerings of the Stage Credit Card have been increased over the years.